Deciding on the Ideal Fireplace for Your House

With the plethora of options available; it is easy for any person looking to buy a fireplace to feel absolutely dazed and bewildered.

However, the following guiding tips would help you think and work systematically and nail the ideal fireplace for your house.

  • You must first decide the purpose of the fireplace. People install the fireplace either for heating purpose or aesthetics. Some want both. There are several designer fireplace options that cater to one or both purposes.
  • Many people try to heat multiple rooms with one fireplace. This is a bad idea as it makes the main room overheated as well as increases your energy costs. It is a far better idea to install a fireplace in each room that you want to heat up.
  • If heat-efficiency is your primary consideration, try opting for a thermostat-controlled, self-modulated fireplace. It would heat your room only till the temperature set, and auto shut off and turn on. The temperature would remain regulated.
  • You must also consult the salesperson or any other expert about the trim design options available. Browse through the brochure and select the one that blends seamlessly into your house décor.
  • It is obvious that the fireplace would not be burning at all times. Thus, you must also look at its flames when it is not burning. It must look attractive enough in your room décor even when it is not lit up.

Apart from it, you can look into the heat insert type, decorative log set, the operating options, etc. Finally, it must always be installed by a licensed professional.